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“Looks like you’ve been reading the rulebook, hon.” Six sighed. “Well, sure, I’ll think a’ something.” Again, that tone—that of the unapologetic lech—crept into his voice. You should run while you can, Atalanta.

“Neither have I. Well, here you go!” With the forwardness that only a man like Six could muster, he stuck a single stick of Pocky—chocolate-covered end first—into Atalanta’s mouth. “How’s it?”

Six didn’t realize just how dead he was.

she makes a face at the sudden intrusion. honestly, could this guy get anymore rude? there was something called personal space, also limits. with an unhappy expression, she carefully takes it out of her mouth, and chews on the chocolate-covered end. 


" it’s… very sweet. "

she has some more, a pensive look replacing her previous expression.

" odd… but sweet. it’s not too bad. "


Yeah, Six isn’t exaclty reliable… Though sometimes he really does surprise me.

" I can tell… well, if you say so, then we can only wait and see if he can come through when one needs him most. "


“So pocky gets you kisses?”

Aladdin is so in there.

" yes. although, if you break the stick you lose. "

farpais | Setanta


“My apologies! Had to take a detour thanks to rather aggravating intrusion.”

Aggravating intrusion he called. A hit ‘n’ run it’s actually called. However, such things didn’t matter in the large scale of things so he paid it no real heed. Such accidents were normal for one like him, his luck being as terrible as it was. He might as well have been glad that it was only a truck and not some high ordinance military vehicle instead.

However, now this race was beginning to put a strain on him, and it was showing   in his movements, his once proud stride becoming rushed and desperate, gaining less ground with every step causing him to run harder but for less ground covered. But the strength of a Demi-God was no simple matter to drain. But as they finally reached the campus grounds again, he was more than happy to see the end in sight, with the single spear plunged into the ground to mark the finish, dogs resting beside it as they had long given up on trying to keep the pace along their master and his adversary. He reached a hand out, aiming to grasp the spear before the other, a final tense moment before the end…!

the distance between the lancer and Atalanta was growing with each stride. she had no hope of catching up now, her legs becoming heavier, her previously carefree attitude being replaced by dread. history was about to repeat itself— because of her arrogance and foolishness, she faltered in battle. she had abilities that let her escape from such a situation, yet she…!! it didn’t matter if the race had been enjoyable, or if her opponent had been competent; the truth was that she was about to be tied down by the chains of an unwanted marriage again, and it would be humiliating.

like a nightmare, where you attempt to go faster, but your legs don’t respond; she’s unable to to reach the finish line before Setanta. despite how fast they were going, she sees it all clearly, as if her mind recording it all just to torment her with it afterwards, after crossing the lance, she stops immediately, her expression grim. facing the lancer, she remains silent, until—

" … congratulations. "

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[ She’s dating a lancer. you call that sensible. ]

Technically, that would be Six… But the other teachers could be held responsible as well…

oh, so that’s his name. ” of course. be careful as well. “


“It’s called multitasking. What, you offering?”

" I can think of other, much more appealing activities to partake in. "
" go back to your post. "


“Why don’t you make me, honeybunch? ’sides, if they’re in their rooms diddling each other, then my job is done! I’m supposed to be stopping fights and crap. I’m not the Chastity Monitor.” After a moment’s deliberation—not to mention the prerequisite subtle ogling—Six opened a box. ”Want a Pocky?”

" I might as well, if you’re only willing to do the bare minimum. boys are not allowed in the girl’s dorm, and vice-versa, overly explicit expressions of love are also prohibited on the school grounds. these are also part of your job. "

she glances at him from the corner of her eye. ” I’ve never had one. is it any good? “


I-I’m sure they will! [ Micaiah this is tancho what do you expect. ] Though, some people here… I wonder if they even have a sense of boundaries..

oh good, a sensible student.

" if they do not, then responsibility falls on those who are supposed to watch over the student body. "


“Don’t see why people have to find an excuse to make out, really. Usually, it’d just take a beer and the right mood, but hey, if it helps you get laid…”

" please do not incite them. are you not the head of security? you should be working towards preventing such things. "


Pocky… That’s a really popular treat here, right?

" presumably. "
" however, I would hope that the children will not overstep boundaries on this day. "